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It's never easy to lose someone we love.

After all, they play such an important role in our lives — the memories made and lessons taught last a lifetime – whether as parents, siblings or best friends.

To many of us, one of the most important things we can do is probably to secure a new home for them.

An ancestral tablet your loved one can call home, where families can also visit and cherish the memories they once had.

Be it purchasing for the deceased, shifting your loved one into the same shelter or even buying it for yourselves, You'll probably make sure that its calm, peaceful and convenient to visit during momentous occasions.

If that's the case, you’ll see why Jin Yin Memorial’s ancestral tablet might be a good choice.

Why Families Prefer Jin Yin Memorial

Buy once and it’s yours forever

Do you know that most columbaria have a fixed leasehold of 30 and 60 years when families purchase an Ancestral tablet?

This means that when the government decides to reclaim land for other development purposes, our ancestral tablet(s) must be relocated.

In the end, families have no choice but to source for a new location, pay for new ancestral tablets and be on the waitlist again.

All these processes can take up to a few months…

With Jin Yin Memorial, you can rest assured that your loved ones have a permanent spot to rest peacefully.

It will be here for generations to come without the need to relocate as all our ancestral tablets are freehold.

We Perform Praying Services and Rituals for you.

You probably already know that certain events require us to pay our respects and fulfil our duties to the deceased.

Families typically prepare incense paper, the deceased's favourite food, drinks and all the necessary items for prayers.

At Jin Yin, our clients are not bogged down by these hassles. We will contact you a month in advance prior to the festivities. We prepare these offerings upon request so that you do not have to carry the heavy items.

We even perform praying services and rituals on your behalf if you cannot make it in person due to work commitments or emergencies.

Free Transfer of ancestral tablet from home to our memorial hall

It's no secret that most household are thinking of shifting the ancestral tablet due to the space constraints at home.

Yes, it is complimentary and our team will seek an arrangement to shift the tablets from home to our memorial hall.

5 minutes away from Aljunied Mrt

Typically, when families of large groups are visiting the deceased, the locations are usually secluded — you may have had experienced the inconvenience yourself.

Taking Grab to the location? Sure, but the problem is how will you get home? Try booking on Grab, and you will likely find that no cars are available.

Hiring a private driver instead? It'll cost you around $150 for 3 hours. You might pay more than that if you surpass the timing.

Not only we’re located 5 minutes away from Aljunied MRT station. There is also 24/7 supermarket, hawker centre and coffee shop to eat and bond with your family — all within a 5 mins walk from Jin Yin Memorial.

What are the basic services offered?

What are the basic services offered? 

At Jin Yin, we also offer variety of other services when one purchase an ancestral tablet such as:

  • Chanting
  • Engraving of names and photos
  • Daily Maintenance of the ancestral tablet
  • Transfer from home to memorial hall (After 49/100days)
  • Praying is included for Qing Ming and Hungry Ghost Festival

*Some of our service will be additionally charged*

Hear from our customers

Madam Wong - 41

I would like to personally thank MrHou Fu Dong, the manager of Jin Yin Memorial for his patience to serve my family during the most difficult time. His team has been great support throughout the process for my mum who just passed away. We are very grateful to found a place for my mum to rest in peace

Mr Tan - 50

I shifted my family's ancestors' pedestal to Jin Yin Memorial because this is the only freehold property run by a family who is passionate to serve families of different generations. I love the peaceful environment. Best is they can take care of the prayers services and rituals during Qing Ming and death anniversaries.

Our promise to you

100% No hard sell

It has come to our attention that our customers have gotten hard-sell in some places with hefty tablet prices and maintenance cost.

As a family-owned business, our internal staff will handle everything from start to finish.

100% transparency

All our prices are fixed with NO HIDDEN COST involved when you request for a quotation.

We take pride in transparency and the way we operate our business.

Our client well-being first

It’s not easy to imagine about our own/loved ones passing.

We are 100% committed to helping you make the right decision with your well-being first, not profits.

A Family-Oriented Business

Master Yang Sheng Nam founded Ji Zheng Gong temple in 2006. With over 40 years of experience in practising Taoism, he strives to help many families to seek solace through religious practice.

Being aware that the younger generations do not know much about the traditions. One of his lifelong goal is to educate them so that they are able to fulfil their duties to their loved ones.

Team Jin Yin

Jin Yin Memorial  focuses on building long-lasting relationships with our clients. Being a second generation family business means that we take pride in being able to offer a more personal touch.

Any tour, consultation are handle by our internal staff from start to finish. There is absolutely no sales consultant during any of the process, allowing us to give unbiased opinion based on your needs and well being.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many names can be inscribed in each memorial tablet?

We have two themes, silver and gold ancestral tablet.
The silver theme allows for a maximum of 2 names.
In comparison, the gold theme provides for a maximum of 6 names.

There are also families who purchase a gold ancestral tablet to shift their loved ones together, so that praying and visiting become more convenient.

What's the difference between Niche and Ancestral Tablet?

Urns are typically kept in mandai or other private organizations that provide such services. It is kept for memory purposes, and families will visit once a year to 掃墓 (clean up or sweep the tomb).

While for Ancestral Tablet, families typically visit during various festivals, purchasing deceased favorite fruits and chanting to create merits here.

An ancestor tablet is necessary to demonstrate filial piety based on years of tradition.

Why do some purchase it for themselves?

It's true that family have a lot of decision to make if anything happens. The worst part is making these rushed decision while being emotional of their loved ones passing.

This is why some of our clients prefer to purchase it for themselves. they do not want to burden their family when unfortunate event happen. 

If you're planning to purchase one for yourself, we strongly encourage you to come for a tour first being making any decision.

Is it unlucky to buy ancestral tablet for myself or my family before we passed on?

In practice, purchasing a ancestral tablet actually signifies "blessing" and "longevity". 

In fact, we have clients who purchase the tablet for themselves for this sole purpose, and from our part we also cover it with a red pouch with the word "天寿".

How is the environment in the temple like?

The temple was built with simplicity in mind – with the intention to make sure families who visit won’t feel fatigued, but calm and peaceful when visiting their loved ones.

But don't take our word for it, sign up for a complimentary tour to see and feel the environment for yourself.

Do you guys provide niche or urn?

Unfortunately, Jin Yin Memorial does not provide Niche or Urn.

Any other additional cost other than Ancestral Tablet?

We take pride in being 100% transparent. There is no hidden fees involved.

There is however, a yearly maintenance fee of $48.

Some of our clients prefer to pay a one-time fee of $1800 since the ancestral tablet is freehold.

Can I buy for my parents and reserve other inscriptions for myself?

Yes, you can purchase an ancestral tablet since it's freehold; you don’t have to worry about any leasehold conflicts.

“Love is the greatest link that we have with those who have temporarily left us” 

– Lao Tzu

Where to find us

No 15 Lor 21A Geylang Rd, S388432